Contracts and Agreements

I represent clients in all manners of transactions.

I prepare and negotiate most agreements, including:

  • operating, shareholder, partnership and buy/sell agreements
  • merger and acquisition documents
  • real estate and financing related documents
  • complex technical contracts
  • settlement agreements
  • internet related contracts, including terms of service and privacy policies
  • e-commerce and telecommunications agreements
  • vendor and sales agreements and purchase orders
  • software and other licensing agreements
  • non-competition, non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements
  • marketing, referral, strategic alliance, partnering and joint venture agreements
  • maintenance, distribution, reseller and service agreements
  • financial industry related agreements
  • personal service, employment and consulting agreements
  • trademark and domain purchase agreements
  • investment advisory, wealth management and financial planning agreements
  • advisor and registered representative agreements
  • back office, custodial and service agreements