That was Then


I have a broad background in business and management.

I’ve managed businesses, projects and people.

I’ve reviewed and analyzed financial statements and engineering studies, prepared and evaluated requests for proposals, performed internal audits, prepared and monitored budgets, managed an international payroll, and managed investment portfolios.

I’ve developed and implemented sales and marketing initiatives, including the use of technology and the internet, and developed and presented seminars on legal issues.


I served as the first general counsel of MarketCounsel, a national business consulting firm specializing in servicing the financial industry, and as the first general counsel of the new Money Store, a multi-state mortgage banker. I was the president of a title insurance agency.

I worked at the New York office of Bryan Cave, one the nation’s largest law firms, and with Stryker, Tams & Dill, once one of New Jersey’s oldest law firms.

I was an attorney, internal auditor and manager at the headquarters of a publicly traded multi-national Fortune 500 company.

I started my legal career as a litigator for the New York State Attorney General.

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